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A Great Handbag Makes a Stylish Outfit Even Better

As many women will tell you, their purse is one of their most prized personal possessions. In it they keep their money, their makeup, important documents, and a bevy of other items they need to carry with them at all times. Children toss toys into mom's purse, wives carry husband's keys, and teenage girls sneak candy bars and soda into movie theatres in their bags. They are utilitarian, but they are also symbols of unique style. Designer bags have become an investment a lot of women are more than willing to make. Some even rent designer bags just for the experience of carrying a purse they would not otherwise be able to afford. Designer replicas have also become popular. You can now buy purses that are perfect Louis Vuitton replica handbags and Balenciaga replica handbags. You can purchase these purses for a fraction of the cost of a designer original and still have the style of the designer bag.

There are a few important factors to remember when shopping for the perfect purse. First, it should be large enough to suit your needs. This will change as the event which you carry it to changes. A mom may need a huge bag when out for the day shopping with the kids. For an evening on the town, a woman will want to carry a smaller bag with only room for lipgloss, a credit card or cash, and your keys. Those who are planning to carry their bag to and from work may want to choose a style that is large enough for a laptop. Messenger bags are often a stylish option for carrying a computer and they frequently include as many compartments for other items as a regular purse.

The size of your bag is not the only important factor. You will need to choose a bag in a color that complements your outfit. For an everyday bag, choose a color that is neutral. Blacks, grays, tans, and browns are often popular for everyday choices. You will probably not want to change your everyday bag with each new outfit, so using a neutral color means it will go with everything.

When you are matching a purse to a specific outfit, try to choose both a complementary color and style. It is often better not to buy a purse in exactly the same color as your shoes and outfit. You may want to choose a multicolored bag that includes one of the colors in your outfit. Or you may prefer to choose a color that complements your clothing without matching. For instance, a silver clutch will go perfectly with a black, pink, green, royal blue, or red dress. Another idea is to get shoes and a purse in a similar color but different from your outfit. A white pantsuit would look sharp with red shoes and red purse, especially for the holidays. Most importantly, when you are choosing colors, also make sure the style is complementary. Do not choose a denim purse to carry with a ball gown, and never carry a small evening clutch with jeans and sweatshirt.

A purse can make or break an outfit. The next time you are planning a big event or you are shopping for a replacement everyday bag, take your time and consider the many options.