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Does Daisy Silver Perfume By Marc Jacobs Smell As Good As It Loo

If you're looking for a great fragrance that comes in amazing looking packaging, you might be quite interested in the Daisy line of perfumes. And Daisy Silver is a popular fragrance for its scent and for its stunning presentation.

Many perfume aficionados love collecting perfume for the scents, for the designers or brand names that make the perfume, and for the bottles which they come in. If you love gorgeous decanters, you'll need to add Daisy Silver edition to your collection straight away.

Daisy Silver by Marc Jacobs is a special edition of the Daisy perfume that looks totally amazing adorning any surface whatsoever. The silver bottle is adorned with gold and silver daisies on the stopper. Even the box is a showstopper.

When Was Daisy Silver Released and What Does It Smell Like?

Most varieties of daisies don't have much of a scent, do they? But they do invoke feelings and emotions, especially when you're confronted by a lush field filled with them.

Available since summer of 2009, the composition of this fragrance includes floral, woody, and musk elements with a blend of berries, grapefruit, floral, vanilla, and other elements blended for a smooth and creative scent that's easy to wear and youthful. Some people avoid spending money on special editions but this classy-looking bottle is stunning in design so whether you own another bottle of the brand or not, you might want to buy it. And, the unique fragrance is something you're sure to get compliments about. Many say it smells a lot like Light Blue perfume.

Daisy Varieties

The original Daisy Perfume was launched in 2007 and today there are several editions, including: Daisy Eau de parfum Natural, Solid Perfume Ring, Pop Art Edition, Eau So Fresh, and of course: Daisy Silver. You might also be interested in layering the scent with body butter, body lotion, and purse spray.

About Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs designs fashions for women, men, and kids. He designs clothes, purses, shoes, fragrances, eyewear, watches, and other accessories. Born in 1963, Marc is well-known for his career accomplishments and many awards and was recognized in 2009 in Out Magazine as number 15 out of the 50 Most Powerful Gay Men and women in America.

Besides Daisy Silver, You can buy several Marc Jacobs fragrances from us, including: Daisy, Daisy in the Air, Mini Marc Jacobs Men, Lola, Pure Perfume, and Bang for Men.