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Gucci Handbags - They Zig While Others Zag

Gucci continues to astonish me. While the rest of the conservative fashion industry is still trying to catch their breath with the past couple of years' glam comeback, Gucci is making quite a firm statement by returning to more classic roots. Gucci handbags have, in their modern incarnation of the past few decades, been rather shiny and generally large or at least attention-drawing pieces. These bulky and rather blingy purses are what the general public thinks of when they hear Gucci handbags. But these modern Gucci classics have taken a backseat this year to a more traditionalist approach. This isn't the first time Gucci has switched their tune. The classic roots from which Gucci handbags made their name in the 60's and 70's made way for a, dare I say it, kitsch look in the 80's. It makes sense when remembering what the 80's were all about. They started to reshape their name in the 90's when they combined their audacious designs into more user-friendly products. Thus leads us to the new millennium, in which all have rejoiced and started to have fun with fashion (finally)! And now the pendulum has swung again, with Gucci leading the way with more understated pieces. The question on my mind is, do we miss the old Gucci or embrace their once again fresh outlook on fashion's cutting edge.

If you look at these Gucci handbags I've picked out here, you might be saying, "Well, I see all the boldness Gucci's always been famous for." Well, you'd be right. But the point is, the 2009 season doesn't see this characteristic as its mainstay. I had to search Gucci handbags current collection and picked out some of the special ones. And there are definitely some special ones. Take the New Jackie bag - in coral, purple, or black, and all with gold hardware to compliment this fall's wardrobes. Redone for a new generation, the Gucci handbags New Jackie is anything but a mundane bag. Even in a more subdued color/fabric scheme, like this dark grey suede on grey with gold hardware which blends seamlessly into fall's agenda. Classic styling that would make its namesake proud, but vibrant trendy colors reflecting today's trendy must-haves. Honestly, I would wear any and all of them.

Or let's take the Hysteria Hobo in classic beige insignia but paired this time around in a to-die-for crystal fabric. The fabric has a luscious sheen to it and certainly dresses up the conservative though beloved motif.

Or this Icon Bit black multi-color patent leather bag is perfect for evening, but I also have a vision of walking in the autumn rain with it. It certainly adds a dash of pizzazz in an otherwise dreary day!

On a most-worthy note, this Icon Bit in dark blue suede is one of those bags you just feel you already own, it's so versatile. I picture myself escaping the fall winds by tucking into a darkened coffee house surrounded by books, laptops and intellectuals. Mmm, I can smell the espresso brewing from here....

Want the more tradditional? Gucci handbags got them, and got them a plenty this year. Check out this chocolate Pelham medium shoulder bag. Beautiful classic with enough hardware and detailing to make this a less-than ordinary bag.

Okay, okay. Are you that chic that everyone has to pay attention to? Long for the glam days of the 80's and not willing to give them up? Well Gucci handbags hasn't ignored you, being full aware of the mass of clientelle not willing to sit quietly and shut up. For you, our daring crowd, Gucci has presented you with the audacious designs of retro-dreamt fantasies, with all the color and shine you crave. Now paired for 2009 with a hand-braided leather handle that looks like hard metal when just glanced at. Unfortantely, you will have to pay for your passion. These bags generally run about $3000 and up!