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Idols Unlimited

If you're looking for tips on how to get through the American Idol auditions, then read further. You will find pointers here on how to impress Paula, Randy, and most importantly Simon Cowell. Hopefully, these will prove useful enough for you and actually get that yellow pass to Hollywood.

First Step

The initial basis of whether or not you'll get through the American Idol auditions is whether you can actually sing! The opinions of your immediate family, your relatives, and your close friends do not give you a reliable indicator of your talent. Find a music teacher or a voice coach, preferably someone you don't know, and get an honest objective assessment of your vocal abilities. The more plusses they rate you with, the better the chances you have.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Even the most successful singers spend time practicing. Unless you are incredibly gifted with a singing voice that can bring people to their knees, you will definitely need it. And even if you are lucky enough to have such a voice, practice never hurts your chances.

Practice your stage performance. Granted, you're performing for an audience of three. But at this point, they're the three most important audience members for you. Review American Idol's previous seasons' shows. Short of prancing around like Taylor Hicks, subtle but meaningful movements should be enough. Plan an appropriate wardrobe as well. Don't go overboard, though. Just because you plan to sing a country song doesn't mean you have to dress up like a cowboy competing in a rodeo.

Singing Isn't Enough

Develop your personality. AI isn't a talent search. It's a popularity contest that only uses your singing talent as one basis of judging. Simon Cowell isn't auditioning for a Songbird or Opera Star; he's looking for an American Idol! An idol is someone the public admires because of looks, personality, and style, as well as singing talent. Even if you have a golden voice, but are about as exciting as a rock, chances are they won't put you through.

On the Day of The American Idol Auditions

Get in line as early as you can for the day you plan to audition in. There's going to be hundreds of people who think they have what it takes or are just want a chance to appear on TV. There are two things you want to avoid: getting cut out because they aren't taking anymore entrants, and getting in when the judges are already too tired or too frustrated to notice that you're actually good.

Auditioning in Front of the Judges

When you finally get inside, remember this: DON'T OVERDO IT! Don't overextend your vocal range. Don't exaggerate your transitions. Don't overact while you're performing. If you feel you have to butter up the judges, don't end up kissing their behinds.

The only time when it's OK to overreact is when you leave the audition room with that yellow sheet of paper. Hopefully, with these pointers, you will pass the American Idol audition phase and do move on to Hollywood.