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Let's Be All Ears With Louis Vuitton Ornement Tribal Earrings

Although most of the time I merely wear tiny milky white pearl earrings, still I get exciting while seeing the colorful louis vuitton ornemnt tribal earrings. I am wondering whoever could resist the tempting of glamorous designer jewelry. It is surely a brilliant idea for this high-end fashion house to contain these earrings sets in louis vuitton 2011 collection. Inspired by traditional Masai necklaces, the ornement trical collection is glamorous with harmonious circles and vibrantly colored precious stones, including sapphires, sperratite and diamonds.

The clip earrings make a pair for your ears. The ornement tribal earrings feature a spectacular design of overlapping circles, and one of which contain a classic monogram flower. The yellow gold earring is decorated with blue, white and pink sapphires. I can hardly wait to have it glazing on my ears. And then I get hesitated when have the louis vuitton ornement tribal sleepers in hands. Those refined ear pendants have tactfully combined warm yellow gold with fiery spessartite garnets, and they highlight a monogram flower within a circle. The sleepers are available at a price of $7,450.00 while the earrings ask for $16,200.00.

I swear I don't expect a more complicated dilemma to have the third party-louis vuitton ornement tribal hoops earrings. In yellow gold with yellow sapphires and spessartite garnets, these elegantly simple hoop earrings are set off by a contrasting band of diamonds on white gold. God, how much I love simple design. The hoops are priced at $14,500.00. It won't be a easy choice, I guess.