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Popular Irish Actors Who Have Stolen Our Hearts

There are too many Irish names reigning Hollywood and yet more to join the bandwagon in a few years. Starting from high profile child actress Dakota Fanning to veterans like Liam Neeson, Richard Harris, there are too many of them getting you glued to the screens with their marvelous acting prowess. Ireland has given us some of the finest actors and actresses bringing life to some of the most complex characters in the world of cinema. As a matter of fact, these celluloid artists really didn't leave a stone unturned to entertain the millions and billions of viewers across the world. Let's talk about some of the great actors of Irish origin whose portrayal of characters has spellbound us till date:

Liam Neeson:The Oscar Award Winner Neeson needs no special mention when it comes to talking about quality movies. Also known as Oscar Schindler for his mind-blowing performance in the movie, Schindler's List this actor has proven his mettle in other movies like Pilgrim's Progress where he played Lord Jesus. In the film Darkman, Neeson's character portrayed a somewhat grotesquely disfigured persona. He hit the bull's-eye in the movie Taken.

Pierce 007 Brosnan:Irish actor Pierce Brosnan soon picked up Bond's character after Timothy Dalton. Brosnan who was tagged as the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People's magazine became a global name by subtly portraying Ian Fleming's greatest creation, James Bond. From Die Another Day to Tomorrow Never Dies, ladies and girls would hold their breath to see this awesomely handsome man on screen. Pierce Brosnan was found to play a negative role in Mrs Doubtfire, an all time favorite.

Brenda Fricker:This Irish born Oscar award achiever started off with her career as an assistant art editor and then first starred in the film Human Bondage. In 1989 Fricker had won the Best Supporting Actress at the academy awards ceremony for award winning role in "My Left Foot".

Daniel Day Lewis:Born to Irish poet, Cecil Day Lewis and British actress Jill Balcon, Daniel Day Lewis is a De Niro version of English origin. A methodical actor, Day Lewis is known as a devoted silver screen artist, who would know no bounds when it comes to acting. One of the finest actors in the industry, Daniel Day Lewis shot to fame for his magnificent role in "There Will Be Blood", for which he had achieved an Academy as well as BAFTA Award.

Finery in acting skills is a common trait that all of these Hollywood stars would like to showcase. From bad boy Collin Farrell to blonde beauty Laura Reynolds, these Irish actors have contributed massively to Hollywood film industry. Every other day you would find a rising star with an Irish origin making it big in the industry.